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  1. Bez's EGO V3 Vertex Plus Tattoo Machine - Black / Rose Gold (RCA)

Bez's EGO V3 Vertex Plus Tattoo Machine - Black / Rose Gold (RCA)


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324,00 €

The Little EGO Vertex V3 Plus is regarded as one of the best all round rotary machines available on the market. The EGO Vertex V3 Plus has progressed from its earlier ancestors in to a superb, light weight, robust and reliable day to day runner.

EGO rotary tattoo machines have been designed and made by world reknowned tattoo artist Bez of Triplesix Studios, Sunderland. Bez has invented the remarkable "power triangle" system. Each machine comes with a variety of different power triangles and each different colour is a different density of rubber. This allows the artist to configure their EGO exactly how they want it, in terms of give and throw. The power triangle system efficiently replicates the front and back spring system from coil machines, thus combining the reliability and consistency of a rotary machine, with the same workability as a coil machine.

Key Features

  • Aluminium body
  • Aluminium vice
  • New rail system - less noise and improved smoothness
  • This machine uses the power triangle system to generate true give
  • The colour triangles are graded between hard and soft. Black being the hardest and yellow being the softest, which replicates the tension of a front and back spring on a coil machine
  • Weight: 80 gram
  • German Faulhaber motor - increased reliabilty and enough power to easily push
  • Comes with a protective travel case
  • Assembled in the UK

Created and designed by Bez, Triple Six Studios, Sunderland, UK.

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